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Engineering Specialist 工艺工程师

Dalian, Liaoning Sheng - Utforsk stedet Kvalitet og LEAN Heltid


Company description

IKEA Industry is the world’s largest producer of wooden furniture and is an integrated part of the Inter IKEA Group. IKEA Industry has 41 production units in 10 countries with around 19,000 co-workers. Every year we produce more than 100 million pieces of furniture for IKEA customers.

IKEA Industry Dalian is belonged in IKEA Industry group and located in Dalian Development Area of China. It is the first environmental company in China. The factory site of IKEA Industry Dalian covers 37000 square meters, having 600 co-workers until now. It started to manufacture officially on 16th November, 2006, mainly in a serial of classic POANG, ROCKING chairs etc in the early period. Now, it started to have more new products like
Baby POANG, PELLO,FROSTA and Mirror etc.

Job description

1.?CCN Back-up化学品符合性专员(***)


o Lacquering part; 油漆部分

o Packaging materials;包装材料

o Labels; 标签更新

o New product BOM (Lacquer to Packaging);


3.? MCAP新材料引入

4.? New product development全程参与新产品开发过程

5.? Technology技术

o Lacquering performance and Yield improvement;油漆质量与使用率改进

o New packaging method and materials;新的包装材料与方法

6.? DWP System maintain; DWP系统维护

7.? BCI Internal audit; BCI内部审核

8.? Participate in Investment Projects 参与油漆和包装过程的投资项目

  1. Work experience is not required,  工作经验不限;
  2. Wood manufacturing Technology background is preferred.有木制加工背景优先考虑;
  3. Good English level 良好的英语听说读写能力;
  4. Good communiation and cooperation skills 具有良好的沟通和协调能力;
  5. Would like to accept new    愿意接受新知识,有意愿在思维方式上做出转变;
  6. Excellent office skills   熟练使用办公软件;