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Project Leader

Dalian, Liaoning Sheng - Utforsk stedet Prosjektledelse Heltid


Company description



Job description

1.        Responsible for the technical support of investment projects, so that the projects can be implemented at the technical level负责对投资项目的技术方面的支持工作,使项目在技术层面具备可实施性

2.        Responsible for improving the initial concept of the investment project and finally applying it to the bidding of the supply chain department 负责根据投资项目的初步概念,进行完善,最终可用于供应链部门的招标工作

3.        Responsible for the technical review of the project scheme to make it meet the requirements 负责项目方案技术层面的审查工作,使其满足达到要求

4.        Ability to complete other tasks, including but not limited to those assigned by superior manager包括但不限于来自上级经理安排的其他工作任务的完成能力


1.        Proficient in Office software (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)熟练使用办公软件(word , excel , power point 等)

2.        Familiar with CAD, DWG, Solid software, be able to draw熟练使用CAD、 DWG、 Solid 软件,具备制图能力

3.        Skilled in electrical and mechanical design and automation熟练的电气,机械设计能力,自动化

4.        At least 5 years working experience in the same position, with successful experience engineering projects 5年以上同职位工作经验,具备工程项目的成功经验

5.        Familiar with process and can optimize continuously according to actual situation熟悉流程,并能根据实际情况持续优化

6.        Ability to work under pressure and good communication and coordination skills具备抗压能力和良好的沟通协调能力

7.        Travel is available可以出差

8.        Obey work arrangement and transfer服从工作安排及调动

9.        Familiar with woodworking equipment熟悉木工行业的设备